Exalt Cycle was born in Italy in the mid 90s. Then, in May 2011, after a change in ownership, the new Exalt Cycle’s headquarters was inaugurated in Switzerland.

Since then, Lugano is the new operations headquarters, whereas Stabio is an efficient logistic base to manage orders coming from all over the world.

Experimenting with new materials and unique creations are its basic elements, which make Exalt Cycle one of the most innovative brands, still relevant today all over the world.

An innovative look even for the kids

Exalt Cycle Junior Line frames have been developed in order to be altered to the children’s natural active lifestyle. In other words, they are sturdy, lightweight, shatterproof, and have well manufactured hinges, which assure long-life spectacles frames.

Discover the Junior line

A sturdy and lightweight line

The development of these models arises from the desire to create products having an exclusive design and the highest quality materials. Each model is unique, because Exalt Cycle has been investing in research and innovation, paying attention to the finest detail.

Discover the Wood Line

A unique and personalized style

Colorful and original to the beat of the latest trends. This eyewear line of Exalt Cycle includes glasses that are exclusively made of cellulose acetate, which is a plastic material obtained from vegetal elements.

Discover the Acetate Line

Strenght and lightness for an innovative line

The frames included in the Spexy Line are made of a special ultra-light, flexible polymer with high tensile strength. Furthermore, they have a biological compatibility and are safe for direct contact with skin for extended periods of time.

For these reasons, this plastic material is recognized as the most suitable to meet the highest requirements in terms of mechanical and dynamic resistance.

The metal: from traditional to unique

The entire Exalt Cycle Metal Line is characterized by high strength and lightness due to the materials of construction.

With this new line of products, Exalt Cycle wants to give the world of  metal eyewear a new breath of life, removing that pompous glaze of tradition and adding a touch of zing and uniqueness, which have always been the key to make Exalt Cycle distinguishable among thousands of others.